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MLA Chernoff's debut collection, delet this, is a fun, volatile and disarming exhibition of satire, internet culture, flarf, memes, and dreams. The collection balances lighthearted silliness with social criticism, putting emojis in close quarters with academic theory and giving tweets equal gravity to tomes. You’ll find bewildered normies, Mark Zuckerberg, Super Soakers, philosophers driving giant anime robots and the name “Derrida” typed 70 times.

Is it a trick? A trap? Is MLA laughing with you or at you? Are you sure? Who knows. Who cares. Delet this.

"delet this, poetry as death load, the lyric-cum-digital, flesh of our flesh, transubstantiated as any visual reference. Irreverent and it cuts even deeper. Look upon their work, ye Memed, and laugh, weep. MLA is pure and absolute brilliance."
–Liz Howard, author of Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent

“Equal parts frenetic ode and fearless critique, delet this considers memes, CanLit, g-d and pop culture with the associative range of a Gogurt-fuelled fever dream.”
–Cassidy McFadzean, author of Hacker Packer

About the author

MLA Chernoff (@citation_bb) thanks u for visiting their profile. A recovering flat-earther, MLA now lives a quiet LIEf in ““Toronto”” (stinky condotown) where they collect and care for rare fidget spinners, which isn’t just a fad. They are a PhD candidate at The Neoliberal University of York University; the velocity of this bio is their dissertation––a morose serendipity in the key of “aw heck lmao!!!” O ya... their pomes have been published before... elsewhere... idk Google it, im tired. Plz Enjo.y n stay hydrated!!!! xo xo

Book cover art by Sandy Spink & Syd Lazarus

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